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I'm currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia with my wife and a 3 y.o. That's UTC+7 for you fellow developers šŸ‘€. We've been in self-quarantine for more than 2 months now.

Soon we're going to move to our newly purchased house in a satellite city away from traffic, crowd, and noise. It's probably going to be hectic given current situation, but it might be better compared to boredom of staying indoor for far too long. It's an empty house so we're currently researching furnitures and interior designers.

Gosh, furnitures are sofa king expensive!

Monday to Friday, I work remotely1 at Traveloka in the Web Infrastructure team. I'm primarily responsible for maintaining our web framework and work alongside other engineer and designer in our design system workgroup.

When I'm not swamped in work, I keep my blog up to date by tweaking, fixing bugs and adding features. It's like a 2nd full-time job for me. I probably spent way too much time obsessing over a little detail. I love micro interactions!

Sometimes I open source my work in GitHub. I've been enjoying the benefit of the open source for a while now I think it's fair if I share back to the community.

This is the most recent one:

theme-in-css for authoring strictly-typed CSS custom properties

My aspiration is to be a better Interface Engineer with focus of delivering good UX inside this medium. This includes Graphical User Interface (GUI, or commonly called UI), Application Programming Interface (API), and Command-line Interface (CLI).

Seems like pretty wide focus right? Yes, except it's clear that I won't be focusing too much into cloud & infra2. I might have to deal with them in my personal project but it won't be my primary skillset.

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    Only because of pandemic.ā†©
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    Which rather ironic given my team name, but sometimes you have to do something you don't like for money šŸ˜‚.ā†©