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Github Gist inside Rich Text Editor

3 min read
Building a rich text editor with syntax highlighting is not a simple task. There's a few library for highlighting a code, but integrating it inside live editor needs more work and prone to performance problem Another way to embed code is using Github Gist. It automatically highlight your code forRead more

The Stack of Paper

3 min read
As you may know, Paper is the name of my new blog platform. I built it because I want flexibility in customizing my blog capability, with great experience when writing a post. Being flexible doesn't mean that Paper will have all features that other blog platform has. It's never goingRead more

Hello, Paper

2 min read
It's been a long time since I last blogged. I've tried many services to write something for my blog. Wordpress, Blogspot, Svbtle and the most recent one is Ghost. None of them stick, mostly because I'm lazy and forgot that I have a blog, partly because I don't know whatRead more