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Deploying Microservices using Now v2

5 min read

When Now v2 was released, I didn't immediately jump ship and refactor my blog to leverage the new infra. Sure, the monorepo integration looks cool and easy, but it requires an entirely different mindset. Even now, there still things that I don't like, but I've grown accustomed to it.

Last April, I finally decided to do the big refactor. 5 months after the official announcement.

Implementing webpack raw-loader as babel-plugin-macros

5 min read

This weekend I was working on my side project to list and display all my future tech talks. This is an overengineered web app built using CRA and Spectacle, with a little bit of React Router (I'll write about it in another post). I want to be able to display talk information in both inside app and in GitHub (where I host the repository), so I decided to put talk title and description in README.md inside talk directory to prevent duplication.

React Router and Flash State

2 min read

In early days of web, I use flash state a lot to send message after redirection. It's easy to do it using server side code, because we can use session & cookie. Now that we use SPA everywhere, navigation happen in client-side using browser history API.

If you're using React Router (v4), you might know they have component to do a redirection. So, how do we implement flash state with React Router?

Easy Authentication in Express using Passport

4 min read

Auth0 was the authentication provider I chose for my blog dashboard. They're simple and easy to set up, but I mainly used them because I haven't had the time to build one myself.

Few months after my blog went live, I begin rewriting authentication logic to the blog API itself. I decided to use password-based authentication because it's the most straightforward, and considering this is for personal use, I don't have to think about email verification and such.

From Express and React to Next

7 min read

This weekend, I finally got some time to work on my blog again after so long. I've been waiting Next.js to support custom server handler for some time and they finally did in v2.

Promise: The Less Interesting Part

3 min read

ES2015 has already became mainstream and it brings many features to JavaScript language. One of the notable features is Promise for handing asynchronous tasks.

While Promise is definitely useful feature, I still see some people confused about the semantic of promise resolution and error handling. Here's a few examples that I've seen people trip over so far.