Blog: dx

Blog: dx

I mostly write about improvement in my own site. Rarely tutorial and how-tos, but hopefully can be a useful reference.

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  • 10+ mins reading time

    Dark Mode on the Web

    UX, DX and Technical Exploration For Inclusive Dark Mode

    For some people, dark mode is aesthetically more pleasing. On the other hand, there's a group of people (including me) that likes to read at night under dim lighting, or even in total darkness. Having the option to use dark theme reduces strain in the eyes and makes it more pleasant to read at. I personally doesn't care that much about the aesthetic aspect of the dark mode. I think of it as an accessibility feature.

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  • 4 mins reading time

    Designing New Syntax Theme for Atom

    Encoding Aesthetic, Clarity, Consistency, and Focus in a Syntax Theme

    As a software engineer, I spent most of my time in text editor and terminal. I use Hyper for my terminal app and Atom as the text editor. For quite some time, I used Atom Material UI theme and One Dark syntax theme in Atom.

    Then I found someone sharing their editor (not Atom) on twitter and suddenly my editor theme looks ugly.

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