Blog: express

Blog: express

I mostly write about improvement in my own site. Rarely tutorial and how-tos, but hopefully can be a useful reference.

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  • 6 mins reading time

    Easy Authentication in Express using Passport

    Auth0 was the authentication provider I chose for my blog dashboard. They're simple and easy to set up, but I mainly used them because I haven't had the time to build one myself.

    Few months after my blog went live, I begin rewriting authentication logic to the blog API itself. I decided to use password-based authentication because it's the most straightforward, and considering this is for personal use, I don't have to think about email verification and such.

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  • 3 mins reading time

    Prevent Express from Crashing because of MongoDB Connection Problem

    This weekend, I was just checking Google Webmaster Tool for my blog when I found out that the site property is missing. The problem was that Google failed to verify my site because there was no Google Analytics tracking code available (I choose GA tracking method to verify the site in Webmaster Tool).

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  • 8 mins reading time

    From Express and React to Next

    Refactoring My Blog Rendering Engine to Leverage Proven Solution

    This weekend, I finally got some time to work on my blog again after so long. I've been waiting Next.js to support custom server handler for some time and they finally did in v2.

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