Blog: typescript

Blog: typescript

I mostly write about improvement in my own site. Rarely tutorial and how-tos, but hopefully can be a useful reference.

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  • 10+ mins reading time

    Enhance TypeScript Code Samples with Compiler Diagnostic

    Build-time Type Annotation and Syntax Highlighting using Twoslash and Shiki

    The main reason I call my blog project Paper is because I want it to be a pleasant reading platform. I enjoy my kindle but reading from real book and actual paper feels like a better experience for me. When I built my blog platform, I kept thinking how to improve digital reading experience to compensate for lack of paper-like feeling for both hand and eyes.

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  • 9 mins reading time

    TypeScript Madness

    Unconventional TypeScript Usage in the New Traveloka Web Framework

    A few weeks ago, I've never heard of or even had any idea about Conditional Type, Generic Constraints, or any advanced usage of TypeScript. I've used TypeScript before but it's only a matter of adding type definition for primitive values and simple objects.

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